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About us

Law Firm Perth

Who we are

Perth Lawyers is one of the top commercial law firms available in Perth WA, whose mission is to give reliable, top class legal services to the commercial businesses and companies in and around this lovely city. To that end, our law firm provides specialist legal commercial business services in a wide range of areas, but especially in the area of commercial litigation.

Our Clients

Our clients come from the many commercial businesses operating in and around Perth and further afield. They are enterprises that require specific one-on-one legal assistance for a variety of reasons; legal services that are designed to suit them and their business, whatever it may be. They come to us because we are a boutique law firm interested in dealing with people on a personal level pertaining to their enterprise. We don’t offer generic solutions, but design the solutions to their legal problems so they are the best possible fit for each and every client. That is why we have an established clientele that trusts us to work on their behalf devising solutions to the many legal questions specific to most businesses.

Our History

From humble beginnings our law firm it has expanded to include many top quality, professional legal staff who make it their business to remain accessible to their clients on a daily basis. Our law firm’s mission is to be available when needed with specific solutions on a pro-active basis. We like to get the job done efficiently and quickly, but we also take time to know all the finer details of every client’s problem. We can then advise and implement specific legal solutions that are the best fit to overcome the problem – whatever it is – and get the kind of satisfaction our hard-working clients deserve.

Our Services

Our speciality is in commercial litigation and we have developed a reputation for getting the best possible outcomes for our clients as quickly as possible. No business person wants to see their court case drag on for months on end, taking them away from the essential chores of their business. That is why we work hard to get things straightened out for our clients as soon as possible.

We operate in the areas of commercial law, commercial litigation, property law, estate planning, insolvency, reconstruction, deceased estates and more. If you have a commercial business you will need legal help in many ways. It is wise to seek a solution early in the piece while it is still a minor problem. We are here to sort out your problems before they escalate and become major and costly headaches. But it is never too late to seek our help.