Lawyers Perth | Consumer Guarantees that Make Your Business Successful
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Consumer Guarantees that Make Your Business Successful

Consumer Guarantees that Make Your Business Successful

There are many things to do and remember when you are in business and following the rules and regulations of commercial law are a big part of it. Not only must you ensure your business is tax compliant, but it is essential to ensure your business is run properly in regard to the goods you sell and the way employees are treated.  It goes without saying that you must provide a safe workplace and train employees in safety procedures as well.

When it comes to your customers, there are certain rules that must be followed and these are not only to ensure customer satisfaction, but to protect your company . Usually, when you have many happy customers your business will thrive – given that it is managed properly.  Here are some of the consumer guarantees that are important for success in business.

  • Your goods – or services – must be of acceptable quality
  • The goods must match the description of them
  • They must be fit for the purpose they were created
  • Customers must be able to return the goods – in good order – for a refund or replacement
  • There should be spare parts or repairs available for the goods if needed
  • They should last for a reasonable time
  • A service should be provided within a reasonable time
  • You will exercise reasonable skill and care in performing the service

Of course, the retailer is not the one who makes the goods, so it is imperative to only deal with wholesalers or manufacturers that have a reputation for supplying quality goods. But what happens if goods are damaged in transit to your store or even damaged on the shop floor? Rather than taking the loss, you can still sell these goods as they are, so long as the damage does not prevent them from doing the job they were designed for.

But the seller must clearly describe what is wrong with the goods and also drop the price. Customers don’t expect to pay full price for damaged goods, even if it’s just a scratch. It is best to have a notice on the item describing the damage, rather than just reducing the price. People have a right to know what they are getting for that lower price and have the choice between that and another item that is not damaged.

When people see that you are being transparent and honest about the goods you sell, they really appreciate it and tell their friends, especially if the lower price is a good bargain for them. People always tell their friends when they get a bargain, so your business will gain extra traction from that damaged item that you might not have expected.