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Welcome to Lawyers Perth. We are a boutique law firm specialising in commercial litigation.

Our lawyers provide a broad range of professional legal services while maintaining personal and pro-active client relationships.

Our legal firm practice in all major areas of litigation and commercial law.

Commercial Lawyers Perth

We provide our clients with commercial solutions and legal services that they can rely on.

Our lawyers provide clear, flexible and cost-effective services that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Lawyers Perth

Experienced lawyers, Solicitors & Barristers

We offer legal services you can rely on

If need solicitors or barristers in Perth, WA, for your commercial enterprise, we are here to help. If you are in business of any kind you will know there is a great need for legal services. Whether it is for setting up your business, purchasing or selling, drafting contracts or leases or any of the other myriad details of ensuring your business runs smoothly, we are the lawyers you need to help with all those things that require legal expertise.

Our legal services are designed especially to be a good fit with each of our customers. When we get to know you and what your business is all about we have a much better chance of designing solutions and services that are specific to what you require.

Lawyers Perth WAAll major areas of commercial law and litigation

We offer our legal services in all areas of commercial law and litigation. No company wants to go through litigation and when you seek proper legal help it is much less likely. But if litigation is imminent we can certainly help you get through it with less loss.

Our lawyers can smooth the way by facilitating mediation as a first step and we’ll appear in court on your behalf if mediation does not offer a solution. Since commercial litigation is our specialisation you can be sure our barristers will fight for the very best possible outcome should your litigation case end up in the court system.

By having us work on your behalf, you free up your time to put into running your business. Knowing professional lawyers are on your side reduces the amount of stress so you can concentrate on essential business decisions in your company.

We provide commercial solutions for businesses

There are many different kinds of commercial solutions for problems and queries that can arise in conducting your business. By consulting with professional solicitors who can point you to the correct solution for your particular business, you can be assured that the decisions you make will be the best ones.
We don’t do generic; rather we ensure the solution we offer is tailored specifically to suit your business and your particular set of circumstances. That is because we are a boutique law firm that is only interested in providing the best personal services to each and every business.

Legal Services

There are many legal services needed by commercial businesses. Our legal services are something you can rely on to help your company so you can establish a reputation for reliability with your own customers. We offer services to do with:-

Commercial Law

Property Law


Estate Planning

Reconstruction & Insolvency

Deceased Estates

Reliable, flexible and cost effective

Our services are reliable, flexible and cost effective and you’ll know exactly what our fees are for any given service ahead of time, allowing you to budget for it where necessary. Our first consultation is free so that together our lawyers can discuss your needs or problems with you and give you some idea on how to proceed and how we can help you.

We believe in maintaining a personal and pro-active relationship with our clients to ensure we can help in the best ways possible. It is far better to consult with legal professionals than to go ahead without advice and find yourself in costly trouble. Knowing you can rely on us as professionals to give you the right legal advice for your business will take a lot of the worry and stress out of running a commercial enterprise. Talk to one of our team today